Coffee Pouch Shape B 500g

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Quantity by carton, each includes 500 units.
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The quad seal coffee pouch (4 sided Coffee Pouch)
High-quality specialty coffee pouch with a thickness of 0.13 mm, consisting of three layers of materials:
• Consist of 4-sides.
• A four-sided coffee pouch, also known as a quad seal coffee bag, is a specialized packaging.
• This type of pouch is characterized by its four-panel construction, which allows for a more stable and
upright presentation on store shelves
• Outer layer: This layer is moisture resistant and provides a barrier against oxygen and light.
• The middle layer: Aluminum foil. This layer blocks light and oxygen, which helps preserve the
freshness of the coffee beans or granules.
• Inner layer: This layer is moisture resistant and helps prevent coffee from sticking.
Choosing the right packaging for products is very important for any business.
Professional packaging and product design will distinguish your products from your competitors.
a small but crucial component designed to preserve the freshness of freshly roasted coffee beans or
ground coffee. It is made from food-grade materials, ensuring they do not contaminate the coffee. They
are designed to withstand the pressure of releasing gases while maintaining a secure seal to prevent
external air from entering.


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Specialty coffee pouch is commonly used thanks to their following advantages:
-It helps prevent coffee from oxidizing and losing its flavour
-It is characterized by its flexibility, light weight and various sizes, which makes it easy to stock
-Easy opening and re-closing tightly to protect the remaining product from moisture and air when used
-It is characterized by high durability and can withstand charging
-This pouch is easy to design with your own design and add eye-catching decorative design elements
like icons, ribbons, textures, texts, logos.


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