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Luxury Shopping Bag

Starting from 8.50 SR Per Unit

(Excluding tax)
Each Carton Contain 50 Boxes
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Luxury Shopping Bag

Available in different sizes with a weight of 300 grams per square meter, giving an impression of luxury in every detail. The bag is made with careful attention to detail, making it perfect and reflects the value of your brand to a higher level of quality.
Specially designed paper bags with your brand logo
Available in many sizes and shapes, meeting the needs of all types of products. The external design of the bag is characterized by strong, sturdy paper, which gives a high-quality practical performance. The design of the paper bag is completed with elegant details.
Luxury handles
Two types of luxurious handles are available:
Cloth strap, black-white
Cloth rope, black-white
They are designed to provide comfort for the shopper.
Custom printing
Printing can be done on bags with your own design, allowing you to create a distinctive paper bag that reflects your brand.


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Shopping basis Luxury Shopping Bag
Ideal for high-end boutiques, designer stores and exclusive shopping destinations, giving your logo the perfect impression with your own style and designs..

Convenience stores
Versatile paper bags, whether it is for grocery shopping, convenience stores or carrying out various tasks.

Paper bags can be used in designs suitable for gifting and luxurious gifts, which enhances the provision of special gifts to friends, family or colleagues.

Special occasions:
Ideal for occasions such as a gift bag for weddings, parties, or elegant gatherings, as the luxury increases during gifting. You can print bags with your own designs.

The Wide base:
The spacious interior is versatile enough to accommodate a variety of items, especially clothing and everyday essentials. Its wide opening allows for convenient packing and unpacking, saving you time and effort.


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Wide base – Medium
Wide base – Large


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