Stand-Up Pouch – Small

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Quantity by carton, each includes 500 Pouches Bag
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Stand-Up Pouch – Small

Plastic Pouch are packaging products that are high quality, transparent and durable plastic made from recyclable materials. The pouch is available in two different sizes.
Our high-quality design and printing will help give your product the best look. Choosing the right packaging for products is very important for any business. The professional packaging and design of products is what will distinguish your products from your competitors.

Stand Up Pouch are commonly used thanks to their following advantages:
-It is flexible and has the right size, which makes it easy to store
-Resealable easy to open and re-close tightly to protect the remaining product from moisture and air when used
-Highly durable and reusable
-Environmentally friendly due to the use of recyclable plastic
-This Pouch is easy to customize with your own design and add eye-catching decorative design elements (icons, ribbons, textures, texts, logos…)


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Whatever your needs, you can use our stand-up pouch in different ways, starting from selling nuts, sweets, and dried fruits to store owners, coffee, tea, cardamom, Dates packaging bags, and others to cafe owners, or to provide care and beauty products, and others.


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